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Former Trump Administration Officials, From Comey To McCabe News

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Trump Orders Release of Secret Carter Page Documents, Plus Texts From Comey and Other FBI, DOJ Officials
President Donald Trump has ordered the declassification ... Text messages sent by Ohr and several officials will also be published, including those from former FBI Director James Comey; his deputy, An...

Published: Sep 17, 2018 @ 01:13:00 PM
Source: Fortune

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Former FBI official Andrew McCabe has book deal
NEW YORK — Just months after the publication of James Comey’s “A Higher Loyalty,” another former FBI official will take on President Donald Trump. Andrew McCabe ... “actions of this President and his ...

Published: Sep 18, 2018 @ 06:20:00 AM
Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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BREAKING: President Trump Looking Into Stripping Security Clearances From James Comey, Other Obama Administration Officials
Speaking from the White House briefing room Monday afternoon, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders revealed President Trump may revoke security clearances belonging to a number of Obama administration offici...

Published: Jul 23, 2018 @ 08:08:00 AM
Source: Townhall

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Published: Dec 13, 2018 @ 05:54 PM
Source: Your Domain Ninja

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WH Threatens To Strip Security Clearances From Ex-Officials Critical Of Trump
and former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. All of those individuals served in the Obama administration and some served in the Trump administration, though none currently do. All have been critical ...

Published: Jul 23, 2018 @ 07:53:00 AM
Source: Talking Points Memo

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Comey Continues to Display His Lack of Credibility
So Comey dodges and hedges. Oddly, Comey has long posed as a modern-day Jeremiah. He thunders almost daily about the moral lapses of his perceived antagonists — mostly Donald Trump, the Trump administ...

Published: Dec 12, 2018 @ 09:30:00 PM
Source: National Review

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McCabe, Rosenstein opened obstruction probe after Trump fired Comey, before Mueller was hired: report
Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe Andrew George ... how top law enforcement officials were frantic after Comey was fired. They were reportedly concerned about Trump’s behavior and ...

Published: Dec 07, 2018 @ 12:08:00 AM
Source: The Hill

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Michael Flynn asks federal judge to spare him from prison time in response to government sentencing
The saga -- including the fact that he had lied to high-ranking administration officials about his contact ... obstruction of justice inquiry focused on Trump's interactions with former FBI Director J...

Published: Dec 11, 2018 @ 06:53:00 PM
Source: News4Jax

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5 highlights from James Comey's transcribed testimony
Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe reportedly confirmed ... year term as FBI director. Trump cited the Rosenstein memo in his official letter dismissing Comey on May 8, 2017.

Published: Dec 10, 2018 @ 10:39:00 AM
Source: NBC Montana

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James Comey attacks GOP, Trump in challenge to House subpoena
(WASHINGTON) -- Lawyers for former FBI Director James Comey have ... several former officials, including former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe and former FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was fired from ...

Published: Nov 30, 2018 @ 12:06:00 AM
Source: WBAL

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Factbox: Trump Administration Departures, Resignations and Firings
Here are some senior figures who have been fired or quit the administration since Trump took office on Jan. 20, 2017. John Kelly - A White House official said Trump has ... and ridiculed by the presid...

Published: Dec 08, 2018 @ 09:37:00 AM
Source: U.S. News & World Report

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Rep. Kevin McCarthy reacts to DOJ decision to fire McCabe
If this were the movie "The Godfather," Cardinal Comey is the (copper deTudi), Andrew McCabe ... BONGINO, FORMER SECRET SERVICE AGENT: Leslie, you know, I disagree. You know, I think the world of you, ...

Published: Dec 13, 2018 @ 03:32:00 AM
Source: Fox News

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Comey says firing Mueller alone won't derail investigations
Former ... "shock" after Comey was fired in May 2017. Baker told lawmakers he believed that the President had fired Comey because Trump was trying to obstruct the FBI's investigation into the Russia m...

Published: Dec 08, 2018 @ 11:53:00 PM
Source: WKBT-TV

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